5 Common Types of Depression

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Depression is considered to be the most commonly met psychological disorder in the world which received lots of attention. It’s no secret that millions of people in the US are treated with a variety of antidepressants including Prozac, and every person knows somebody who feels depressed, whether it is a member of their family or a colleague.

Depression is a condition that makes people feel hopeless, sad, guilty, pessimistic and even worthless. Rather often a person affected by depression finds it difficult to make a decision, concentrate on something, loses or gains weight, has difficulty falling and staying asleep, bad appetite, lacks energy and even has slow speech and movement. Moreover, due to a high rate of committed suicides, this condition has to be taken seriously.

Most people don’t even know that there are several types of depressive disorder, except the one known as unipolar depression, when a person is just melancholic. However, here are the most commonly known:

1. Psychotic depression. People who suffer from this type of depression hear imaginary sounds and voices, or see things that don’t exist, which are usually frightening and negative. These symptoms relate to hallucinations, which are more common for such condition as schizophrenia.

2. Major depression. It is supposed to be the most common form of the disease. The sufferer isn’t interested in things going on around him/her, doesn’t get involved in any activities, carries a huge load of grief and sorrow on his/her shoulders and thinks this hopeless state will never leave him/her. Moreover, this form of depression is accompanied with weight loss, lack of appetite and no interest in sexual activity.

3. Manic depression. It is commonly defined as an emotional disorder, when a person’s mood changes quite suddenly and rapidly and becomes a mania. People suffering from this type of depression have a very high rate of suicide attempts.

4. Atypical depression. It is a bit different from the major type, as people who suffer from depression may sometimes experience the feeling of happiness, because they believe that particular events in life control their mood. Its symptoms include overeating, weight gain, oversleeping and tiredness, and the episodes of atypical depression may last for months or a lifetime.

5. Dysthymia. It is a condition which is characterized by feelings of sadness or melancholy. Actually there are many people who seem depressed or feel blue all the time. Dysthymia includes feeling dissatisfies, unimportant, frightened and unjoyful and demands the intake of specific medications.

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