Best Hair Loss Treatment Tips and Cures

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Finding a cure for hair loss is not a critical as say, finding a cure for cancer or diabetes.  But hair loss is a big concern to the millions of men and women who are experiencing it.  Our hair has a lot to do with our self-esteem and appearance, and balding jokes are certainly not funny if the object of the joke is you.

The majority of men and almost half of women will face hair loss or thinning hair after the age of fifty.  For men, the problem can begin as early as eighteen or twenty.  If you are one of those affected by this unwelcome malady you may have already started searching for hair loss solutions.  Before you spend a lot of time and money trying everything on the shelf you may wonder whether the claims made by these cures if fact or fiction.

Matching the Solution to the Cause

This idea that there is one magic product that can cure all hair loss is most definitely fiction.  The primary reason for that is not all hair loss is caused by the same problem.  In some cases hair loss accompanies hormonal changes in pregnancy, crash dieting, or health conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism.  In these situations the best hair loss solution is to resolve the underlying problem.  Once that has removed hair growth should return to a normal rate.

The majority of men who start losing hair exhibit male pattern balding, a hormonal condition caused by a substance called DHT which stresses hair follicles and damages new hairs.  In time, DHT can stop the follicles from functioning completely.  Successful hair loss solutions for this type of problem use DHT inhibitors.  By blocking DHT from the hair follicles the solution prevents further damage and allows the hair to regrow.  Rogaine, Minoxidil, Dutasteride and Propecia are some examples of hair loss solutions for male pattern balding.

Hair Loss in Women

While women are also subject to hair loss connected with certain diseases, hair loss in women is usually different than in men. For example, Telogen Effluvium (TE) is a condition that is more likely to occur in women.  This causes a larger than normal percentage of hair strands to enter the resting stage and shed at the same time.  While women with TE don’t generally go bald, the thinning can be noticeable.

Fortunately, TE is a temporary conditions caused by stress, illness, crash diets and hormonal imbalances.  After the cause is removed the hair will grow back without treatment.

Once women pass through menopause they can experience hair loss due to DHT issues similar to men, though they will seldom develop bald spots.  If you are a post-menopausal woman and are concerned about thinning hair you might want to consider a product with DHT blockers designed specifically for women.

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