How to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Many people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and usually it takes some time for them to realize that something more serious is going on than simple flu or tiredness due to work. Visiting a healthcare provider is definitely a good idea, but it may not bring the needed result right away. The problem is that you may find that doctors recommend different types of treatment. Why does this happen and what can you do to treat the condition?

Why There Are So Many Ways to Treat CFS

Unfortunately, there is no method that you can use in order to manage CFS. Lots of treatments are available, because there are different theories of underlying mechanisms and causes of the syndrome. None of these methods has shown high effectiveness in treatment of all cases of CFS. Many healthcare professionals agree that the way of treatment should be chosen individually based on different factors, including symptoms of the illness.

Symptoms and causes of CFS significantly vary from one person to another, so if you have this condition, you can compare it to what other people with the same problem experience, and you will likely find lots of differences.

Probably, there are no identical cases of CFS, which makes it really difficult to find an effective treatment right away. Many researchers think that the term “chronic fatigue syndrome” covers several subgroups, each of which requires its own treatment regimen.

Even though a subgroup of your health problem is determined, you may still have to use several methods of treatment to find the one that really works for you. Also you may need to try a combination of treatments to achieve the best results.

What Options You Can Try

The following are options that you can try in order to manage CFS:

• Using medications. Currently, there are drugs for CFS approved by the FDA, but healthcare providers still prescribe many medicines off label to manage this condition. Using drugs is not always effective and may also cause a range of side effects;

• Consuming supplements is another option that some people opt for. Some of them have really shown their effectiveness, but there is still not enough information on that. Although supplements are “natural,” side effects may still occur. Also, it is important to mind possible drug interactions;

• Improving nutrition. Try to eat healthy foods, because this may help you manage some CFS symptoms and will generally improve your health condition. Do not forget to control which foods improve your condition and which make it worse;

• Trying cognitive behavioral therapy is another solution for managing CFS. It is very helpful for treating lots of physiological illnesses, especially for people who need to change their lifestyle or those who experience problems coping with chronic diseases;

• Doing exercises. This is something that you should really try. Exercises can help you improve your health condition if you choose the right length and intensity of training. It is recommended to get advice from professionals in this field;

• Managing stress. You can learn how to manage stressful situations, which will help you a lot. Generally, coping with stress is a very useful skill;

• Changing lifestyle. Although it may seem to be overwhelming, you can manage it if you break down this task into several categories and deal with them one by one.

Combining several methods will increase your chances of managing the problem. You can find other people who have the same health condition to share your experience. It may take lots of energy, time and probably money to deal with CFS, but nothing should stop you from improving the quality of your life.

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