Treatment For Candida

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If you have ever seen a list of the symptoms associated with Candida you may have been shocked. The ways in which a Candida infection can affect the body is quite staggering. For this reason many people have recurring issues with this condition. The common treatment for Candida often fails to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

So how do you go about eliminating Candida Yeast Infections from your life.  Many people choose home treatment for Candida. If you have ever walked through the aisles of local pharmacy you will no doubt have seen numerous over the counter products for treating this type of infection. There is also treatments available for your physician or holistic practitioner.

When it comes to treatment antifungal medications are the most popular. They come in three major forms. The first can be applied directly to the affected area in the form of creams. Secondly are tablets for oral consumption. Finally are suppositories for use in the vagina.

Lets take a moment to discuss the common creams found in your local store. These creams are available without a prescription. They are some of the most common treatments for candida. Also known as antifungal creams, they are usually placed in the vagina using an included applicator. Monistat and Vagistat are two of the most common brands you are likely to see. They often come with a topical cream to be used on the outside opening of the vagina and surrounding tissue. The Monistat website list several advantages to this type of treatment. For one they tend to relieve symptoms more rapidly. The spot on application starts to help with external itching on contact. Another advantage is less interaction with other medications you may be taking.

If you go to your physician they are likely to prescribe a tablet form of treatment. These tablets may be clotrimazole, miconazole, or fluconazole. Diflucan is one of the more common tablets given in this situation. Diflucan is the brand name for fluconazole. With a tablet you may need to only take one dose. However, in many cases you may need to take for several days or weeks. This really depends on the level of your condition and the reaction of your body to the medication. Your doctor will of course let you know what amount to take.

Taking the tablet form has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the major advantages is that it is very easy to take and leaves no mess. With the vaginal creams they may leak out of the vaginal area. Thus vaginal creams are often taken at night. The major disadvantage is that it tends to take up to 24 hours before any relief is felt.

Overall the treatment of Candida that you choose should be carefully considered. Learning all the facts for yourself and discussions with your physician are both important.

For most of you who are reading this it will not be your first encounter. You may have tried one or all of the above forms of treatment only to have your infection return at some point. If your looking for a Candida treatment system that brings your body into balance and ends this problem for good then be sure to check out Candida Treatment.

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